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CatchOn webinar with NYSCATE - Shared screen with speaker view
Sean McDonough
Please enter in your questions for Reg in the chat area.
Melissa Jacobs
Are you familiar with the business of plan of Epic! They market to librarians and teachers to provide free access to eBooks and then encourage parents to pay a monthly subscription fee to continue access after the school day. Is that not compliant?
Laura Pollak (she/her)
The Data Privacy and Security Policy deadline was extended to October 1, 2020 last year. Everyone should have this policy published by now.
Laura Pollak (she/her)
My understanding is Epic! does not sign Ed Law 2-d agreements. If Epic accesses student PII and does not sign the district agreement, the product would not be compliant.
Mrs. Merritt
There is still a great deal of confusion on what emails between staff about students may include and still be compliant. For example, full name, first name, only ID, a combo of less than three items. Is there a clear cut reference on this?
Rich Colosi
I would echo this statement from Mrs. Merritt
George Brady
Epic has NOT signed our 3rd Party contract - we have not checked since last year.
Jim Treloar (he, him, his)
I just reached out to Epic again this month and they said that they are reviewing their policy, but that they are still unwilling to sign any agreement with a school district.
Jim Treloar (he, him, his)
Our attorney has allowed us to sign off on some vendor's agreements rather than force them to sign ours.
Sound checked out for the answer to the email question. Can anyone help?
Lancy Collins
Yes, I also missed the email answer.
Joseph Eckstein
E-mail provider must be Ed Law 2-d compliant...i.e., Google, or Microsoft. Or else, do not use for student PII transmission.
Lancy Collins
Thank you!
Sean McDonough
same for SIS (PowerSchool, SchoolTool, etc) and LMS like Schoology or Canvas.
Mrs. Merritt
So, as long as you using a compliant email system (Outlook , Google etc) it doesn't matter how much of a students PII is in the body of the email? This is very much different from what has been communicated in the past.
Foresight Law + Policy
Following up on the e-mail question, e-mails between students and educators - and between educators that have a legitimate educational interest in the PII - need not be abridged under 2-D or FERPA, but I would still recommend having a policy and training that encourages staff to be thoughtful about what information is shared through e-mail. PII is more than just direct identifiers like name or student id, it also includes identifiers that together could be used to ascertain a student’s identity,.
Francis Pegus
Can a APP that is not know or caught by Catach-on be manually added ?
Joanne Seale
Will a link to a recording of this webinar be shared with participants?
Jim Siegl
Privacy policy track changes...thank you
Sean McDonough
The recording of the webinar will be shared out to all participants. Should receive that email from me within 24 hours.
Joanne Seale
@Sean - Thank you!
Foresight Law + Policy
The e-mail system itself must be compliant with the educational agencies’ privacy and security policy. The content of the e-mail should be limited to what is required for the educational purpose, and communications and covered information should not be provided to staff that does not have a legitimate educational purpose for having it. E-mails to more than one student can also be problematic depending on the content of the message.
Craig McClellan
@ Francis - The application library in CatchOn has around 3500 applications, and is always growing, often by the requests of our customers. If it is not something that can or is chosen to be curated by our team, you can manually add an app to your approved apps list.
Becky E
How does CatchOn identify which companies to review?
Francis Pegus
Is there also a unapproved list?
Becky E
I'm just wondering how you're identifying which companies to review.
Marilyn Dona
LINK TO NY RESOURCES: https://www.catchon.com/wp-content/uploads/new-york-student-data-privacy-and-security-highlights.pdf
Darla Thomas
Will we be receiving a copy of this presentation to our email on file to share with staff on our 2d committees?
Sean McDonough
Yes. We'll send out a copy of the presentation along with the link to view the recording of today's webinar.
Darla Thomas
Thank you!
Mrs. Merritt
I have one follow up question for the email questions, I know we are discussing third party apps, but I would appreciate the time.
Francis Pegus
Will there be a designation if a vendor signed a 2d agreement before? We have found that vendors that have signed one before are easier to get to sign our 2-d agreement.
Shirley (she/her)
Thank you for your expertise!
Craig McClellan
@ Francis - There is not a public facing unapproved list in CatchOn because with 2d, we’re assuming that any tool that has not signed an agreement and is not on the approved list is not approved. We do have a tagging system where you can tag any app however you would like. Whether that’s unapproved, or if they have signed a 2d agreement in the past so it’s easy to find those apps.
Mrs. Merritt
Thank you very much!
Monica Cougan
Thank you to everyone for attending. If you want to learn more from CatchOn please check us out www.catchon.com
Nasrin Rouzati
Thank you for this great session!
Wendy Villone
Thank you!
Monica Cougan
Thank you Sean and to all the NYSCATE Team
Emily Guarnieri
Thank you!